Us as a film, as characters, without our knowledge, without our apparent consent. This is how we live now, we allow access to our lives in exchange for a “social life”, “convenience”, “security”. is a live film that uses footage from found open web-cam feeds. It exists in the form of a website that accesses live streaming cameras without any kind of password protection. Some of them seem to have open access by choice, others by neglect. Because it is live footage, there is no real control over what happens inside the frame.

The website is programmed to periodically change between scenes as if it were a film. Every time the webpage is loaded results in a different cut of the film. The scenes are chosen depending on the location of the viewer, the time of day and relevant routines and schedules of the feeds. The soundtrack is a fictionalized composite of found sounds from the internet.

It is a dramatized narrative construction patched from real life. The fear of surveillance has been realized, we are now not only being surveilled but surveil ourselves and each other.

“Sunset” Kai Engel